Professional Services That Get Results

Fertilizer Treatments


Your lawn will receive a combination of liquid and granular slow-release fertilizers. Our properly-timed fertilizer applications will improve your lawns color, promote growth, encourage root development and increase resistance to drought and disease. 

Dandelion / Weed Control


 Dandelions and other broadleaf weeds cannot be prevented. Dandelions and other broadleaf weeds must be present and actively growing at the time of the application in order to control them. Every TeamTurf lawn application between May and October will include broadleaf weed control to help maintain a weed-free lawn. 

Grub Preventative


 White Grubs are subsurface insects that can do severe damage to your lawn by feeding on its root system. This treatment will keep grub populations below a damaging level. Our grub preventative is guaranteed to give you season-long protection against grub damage to your lawn.   

Lime Applications


 Lime will help raise your soil pH which will increase the availability of nutrients in the soil to your turf. A balanced soil pH will promote a better overall turf quality, increase micro-organism activity to help decompose thatch, increase turf vigor, promote deeper root growth and improve your lawn's response to fertilizer applications. 

Core Aeration


 Core Aeration allows air and water to your lawn's root system, relieves soil compaction, stimulates root growth and helps maintain thatch to a desirable level. 



 We recommend overseeding in the fall immediately following core aeration to help improve, thicken and rejuvenate your lawn. We use only premium seed varieties selected by our own Penn State horticulturist. 

Disease and Snow Mold Control


 Diseases can threaten the health of your lawn at any time. TeamTurf has the products to stop any unwanted disease and unsightly snow mold.  

Tree and Shrub Care


We will maintain your landscape investment with properly timed deep root fertilization and insect/disease applications. Our ISA certified arborists are on staff to answer any questions or diagnose any problems that may arise throughout the season.

Total Vegetation Control


This is an application of non-selective herbicide which will control unwanted grasses and weeds in gravel driveways, sidewalks, brick patios, beds, play areas, fence lines or existing lawns for renovation purposes.

Landscape Lighting


We are now able to do landscape light for Residential and Commercial properties. With our same great quality guarantee.

Exterior Spider-Proofing & Perimeter Pest Control


We will spider-proof your home by spraying the entire exterior of your home, except for the roof and windows. Perimeter pest control establishes an insect shield around the foundation of your home to reduce the number of insects that can get into your home.

Flea and Tick Treatments


 Our flea and tick applications will help control unwanted fleas and ticks from invading your property.