Testimonials & Reviews



" Please extend my great appreciation and many thanks for the whole team of TeamTurf. What a pleasant surprise to come home today and see work so quickly and well done. Obviously at my age and large family, it is so nice to do business with 'those who care'.

Olivia R.

"I just want to say I am so happy to have you guys. Over the years I have had many providers. You are the only ones who I have never thought for a minute about changing. Thank you so much!"

Andrea H.

"TeamTurf is always very thorough. They do a wonderful job with my yard."  Brenda K.


"Just wanted you to know that my lawn and shrubbery have never looked so healthy and beautiful! Thank you for your integrity and being true to your promises made to me. I really appreciate it!!"

Mae P.

"Thank you very much. My yard has improved dramatically this year.  Brant B. 

 "They are a good company and I will use them next year. They are punctual and I'm generally happy with their service."

Gerald K

"Better than others we've tried in the area, will continue with them!"  Paul M


"This is the second year I have used them after giving up on several other companies. I could not say enough about how wonderful, professional, and courteous this company acts. I have absolutely no qualms about recommending them. Thank you so much!"

Anne H. 


"I had a jungle in the back of one side of my backyard. They warned me it might take more than a year to clear up, in a matter of months it was sooo much better. Will use them again next year."

Anne H.

"Excellent. They were very good at communication."  William S.


"Excellent. My yard is looking so much better. Very friendly on the phone and do not annoy me with added services. I am pleased that application were not applied just before downpours like I experienced from other companies. I highly recommend TeamTurf!"

Janet H. 

 "I thank you for working with me to improve the conditions of our lawn. You have performed all the services you prescribed, and I have diligently followed up with watering and mowing properly. I appreciate the responsiveness to keeping us as a satisfied customer. Tom and all your technicians have been thorough in their work, and we appreciate their recommendations and cooperation. "
Craig C.